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March -> May 2024

Eurovison Song Contest

  • The 68th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, in Malmö Arene, Sweden. A breathtaking visual setup, breaking records such as: Largest and most complex GrandMA3 system ever, Most fixture universes ever used in a Eurovision (Over 700 universes going out of the system and over 600 going in to the system from the media servers). Almost over 180 XLNT Cyberhoist 2, hoists, breaking the previously held record for a show.  

  • Client - LiteCom Group

  • Show4real was chosen as logistics manager for LiteCom Group, who supplied all rigging and automation for the staggering show on May 7th, 9th and 11th of may. More than 20 trailers from 8 locations in Europe was coordinated throughout the process. 

  • Key Account: Girts Putelis (LiteCom Group)
  • Head Rigger #1: Johannes Schau (BigRig Berlin)
  • Head Rigger #2: Malte Jäger (BigRig Berlin)
  • On Site Manager: Antti Saracen (BigRig Berlin)
  • Crew Chief: Ervins Zgirskis (Crew Com)
  • Light and visual Designer: Fredrik Stormby (Greenwall Design AB)

February -> April 2024


  • Matador the musical at Falkoner Teatret in Frederiksberg, copenhagen. The mucal is based on the legendary 24 episode TV show by Lise Nørgaard The show launched the first time in 1978 and takes place in the fictionary village of Korsbæk in denmark, in the period from 1929 till 1947  

  • Client - One and only company

  • Show4real ran the Lights and Video for the performance, executed on the GrandMA2, Mad Mapper and Disguise media server.

  • Light Designer: Ulrik Gad

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