Who are we

Event industry service and production

Since the early 90's the founder of SHOW4REAL has been active in the event industry. Staring out as house tech in Stengade 30, a Copenhagen based venue, with local as well as international artists. In the same period, he also did lights, sound and back line for various upcoming artist in, mainly from the Copenhagen music scene.

Up until year 2000, he worked with various productions and artist, providing services, such as light design, programming, rigging solutions and different type of production related tasks.

The brand SHOW4REAL was established in 2000. At this point, light and specialised solutions was the main source of work, but still running the lights for various bands and servicing festival stages over the summer period. 

From 2004 and 4 years on, he worked as full time employee for danish rental company, Nordic Rental A/S. The main assignments was larger projects, touring and on-call technician for special solutions and services, in the field. 

In order to expand knowledge and possibilities of job type, SHOW4REAL was established as a company in 2009, this included terminating the contract with his former employer.

SHOW4REAL has since been able to offer solutions and expertise for corporate events, TV shows, Rigging solution, Concerts and festivals, to mention a few. 

In 2012 an exclusive agreement was made with LiteCom A/S. For 9 years SHOW4REAL was, as a part of LiteCom A/S core team, a big part of raising the barre for large scale event solutions, supplied by the danish market. Along side contributing to development of industry equipment.

SHOW4REAL claims to find the right solution for any needs. 

We offer customised solution for any kind of event, including pre-production, visualisation, planning, logistics, photography, graphics and much much more and have lots of collaborators in the industry in Denmark as well as around the globe and we trust that we can find the right person for any task, should it be out of our expertise.

Please don't hesitate to contact us via the contact page or send a mail to - 

MAIL@SHOW4REAL.COM if we can assist on your next project in any way. 

We promise to get back to you.

We strife to meet all clients demands and dreams come true . . .