Who are we

Event industy service and production

Since the early 90's the founder of Show4reaL has been working in the event industry. Staring out as house tech in Stengade 30, a Copenhagen based venue for, mainly upcoming artist, but also doing light, sound and back line for various upcoming artist in, mainly the copenhagen music scene.

Over the period until the year 2000, we worked with various productions and artist, providing services in terms of light design, programming, rigging solutions and production.

In 2000, the brand SHOW4REAL was established. In this period we worked mainly in the copenhagen theater industry, where customized solution was made for shows like Cat's at Det Ny Teater, and various shows at Privat Teatret. 

From 2004 until the ending of 2008, the founder was full time employed by danish rental house Nordic Rental A/S. Mainly working on larger projects, touring and on-call technician for special solutions and services, in the field. 

Show4reaL as a company became a reality in Januar 2009, for abaout 4 years show4real supplied various services to the event industry, in touring, theater, TV and corporate events. At the same time develloping experiences throughout the industry. 

from 2012 until 2021 the company was keeps in silence for a workflow for the Danish rental house of LiteCom A/S with a full time employment. This period develloped skills in key lighting for TV aswell as an ongoing process of international productions such as Eurovision Song Contest, major touring and fashion shows. on the side being an inportant part of develloping customized productcs for ussage in the industry. 

In genereal we strife to mee all clients demands and dreams and always have a way to solve the issues you meet along the way .....

We offer customized solution for any kind of event, including pre-production, visualization, planning, logistics, photography, graphics and much much more and have lots of collaborators in the industry. 

Please don't hesitate to contact us via the contact page. We promisse to get back to you.

We strife to meet all clients demands and dreams come true . . .